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Live Stream

Live Stream

※ 配信時間は当日変更される予定がございます。
* Streaming start time is subject to change on that day.

3, October
Opening Ceremony

6, October
17:30 Girls Pairs Final
18:15 Boys Pairs Final
19:00 Women Pairs Final
19:45 Youth Mix Pairs Final
20:30 Men Pairs Final

11:00 Girls Singles Final
11:45 Boys Singes Final
12:30 Women Single Final
13:15 Men Single Final
14:00 Women Team Final
15:30 Men Team Final
16:45 Presentations

“YouTube Live”の配信について
About delivery of the final game in “YouTube Live”.

“YouTube Live”の仕様上、番組が終了になりますが、動画撮影は継続しています。

Although we are doing everything, programs may be interrupted due to troubles of communication equipment.
According to the specification of “YouTube live”, the program ends, but movie shooting continues.
In that case, we will distribute videos on “YouTube” at a later date. please note that.

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