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 Playing Rules


  1. The entities eligible to enter teams in the Asia-Pacific Cup shall be: (1)All Asian WDF Member Darts
    Bodies and (2) Those WDF Member Darts Bodies which countries border the Pacific ocean west of the International Date Line.
  2. There shall be a World Darts Federation Asia-Pacific Darts Council(WDFAPDC) which shall have authority to adopt and amend the Format and Playing Rules of the Asia-Pacific Cup, recommend to the WDF the host countries of the Asia-Pacific Cups, and decide such other matters as it shall determine to be necessary and proper for the Asia-Pacific Cup.

    Each WDF Asian Member Darts Body and each WDF Pacific(west of the International Date Line) Member Darts Body shall be a voting member of the WDFAPDC.

    Regular Meetings shall be held during each Asia-Pacific Cup.

    Special Meetings may be held, so long as proper notice is given, at the time of the WDF World Cup or at the time of the WDF Conference. However, if a majority of WDFAPDC members are not present at a Special Meeting then the only matters that may be voted on shall be such emergency matters the deciding of which cannot be delayed to the next Asia-Pacific Cup.

3. All WDF Asia-Pacific Member Darts Bodies shall be entitled to host an Asia-Pacific Cup.

B. Teams and Players

  1. Each Asia-pacific WDF member Darts Body may enter one Asia-Pacific Cup team, which shall be selected by the respective Member Darts Body in a manner of its own choosing.one in each, in the four sections by which shall be selected by the respective Member Darts Body in a manner of its own choosing.
  2. With the approval of the WDFAPDC, the darts associations of other Asian or Pacific(west of the International Date Line) countries may be invited to enter Asia-Pacific Cup teams. The invitation shall be based on the stated intention of such association to join the WDF, evidenced by the filing of the WDF membership Application form and payment of the application fee, and may only be exercised once for each country that does not have a WDF Member Darts Body.
  3. Each Asia-Pacific Cup team shall consist of four men and two women.
  4. If a team plays in the tournament with less than a full team of six players, it shall forfeit all doubles games in which it does not have the required two players and all singles games in which it does not have players. The Team Game shall be played, but a team that does not have six players shall forfeit the throws in the turns where the absent players would normally throw; that is, in a Team Game between a full and a partial team, in each round of play, after all the partial team players have thrown the full team’s players shall continue to throw, one after the other, until all six of the full team’s players have thrown before starting the next round.
  5. After the start of the tournament there shall be no substitutes allowed.
  6. The draw for the order of play between the countries shall be conducted by the Host prior to the tournament.
    The draw for section placing of Men’s Doubles teams and Men’s and Women’s Singles players shall be conducted the day before the tournament and one official of each entered country shall, if possible, be present for this draw.
  7. Before the draw, each entered country shall list the names of its players for each event as follows:
a. Team; b. Women’s Doubles team;
b. Women’s doubles team;
c. two Men’s Doubles teams;
d. two Women’s Singles players; and
e. four Men’s Singles players

In the team and doubles events, each country shall specify the order of throw of the players,
which order shall not be changed during the tournament.

  1. In the Men’s Doubles and Women’s Singles events, each country’s teams or players shall be placed, one in each, in the two sections by random draw. In the Men’s Singles, each country’s players shall be placed, one in each, in the four sections by random draw.


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